Oak Tree Inn

When Rest Matters

Single Room

Clean, Quiet and Affordable

Double Room

Extra Quiet with Light Proof Drapes

Penny's Diner

No worries if you're hungry at check-in or any other time of day or night.
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Welcome to Oak Tree Inn

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We look forward to hosting your stay at any one of our locations nationwide. We promise clean, comfortable accommodations, a friendly, attentive staff, and a superior value.

After a full day of traveling, working or playing, all you want is a good night’s rest.

Extra Quiet Rooms with Light Proof Drapes

We get it, so we’ve built our guest rooms to be virtually light and sound proof, so that guests can NOT hear…

  • the TV next door
  • the vacuum in the hallway, or next-door
  • the service carts for cleaning or laundry
  • normal conversation in the hallway
  • noise from outside
  • the adjacent plumbing
  • the telephone ringing or alarm clock next-door
  • the elevator chimes or equipment
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Penny’s Diner

Open 24 Hours at Many Locations

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